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One attachment explains what’s needed in the diagram and the second attachment contains the references needed for the assignment

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8:05 a 5G !
Processing process
Create a table, figure, or diagram that synthesizes
your understanding of leadership as process.
Include at least one additional source from The
Leadership Quarterly in addition to the assigned
materials from Jackson and Pa
y (2018), Lipman-
Blumen (2014a, 2014b), Heifetz (1994), Bolman
and Deal (2015), Uhl-Bien and Arena (2018), and
Kellerman XXXXXXXXXXIn your na
ative, explain you
ationale in creating your graphic and conclude with
a description of your understanding of leadership as
Hint: Create your submission in Word and attach
the document in the discussion. D2L often messes
with formatting!
When crafting the answers to these questions,
please remember to integrate and cite the
assigned materials. Consider
inging in additional
support for your assertions. As you do, remembe
to both cite and reference them.
Be sure to make connections between the assigned
materials and your ideas. Include a reference list at
the end of your submission.
You don't need to write a huge essay, but it should
e at least XXXXXXXXXXwords long (excellent
esponses are rarely fewer than 400 words). You
eplies to others should comment on new insights
you gained in reading their essays, and how thei
ideas did or did not change your own viewpoint.
Try to respond to learners (at least two) with
perspectives different from your own in order to
demonstrate your understanding of othe
frameworks and perspectives.
8:05 Ww 5G)
aemonstrate your unaersianaing or otne
frameworks and perspectives.
Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E XXXXXXXXXXThink-or sink.
Leader to Leader, XXXXXXXXXX), 35.
Heifetz, R. A XXXXXXXXXXLeadership without easy
answers. Harvard University Press.
Jackson, B., & Pa
y, K. W XXXXXXXXXXA very short,
fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book
about studying leadership (3rd ed.). Sage.
Kellerman, B XXXXXXXXXXHard times: Leadership in
America. Stanford Business Books.
Lipman-Blumen, J. (2014a, Fe
uary 20).
Connective Leadership for a new era: What
is connective leadership [Video]. YouTube.
Lipman-Blumen, J. (2014b, Fe
uary 20).
Connective leadership model [Video].
YouTube. https: j78
MediaSpark XXXXXXXXXXGoVentureLeader simulation.
Uhl-Bien, M., & Arena, M XXXXXXXXXXLeadership fo
organizational adaptability: A theoretical
synthesis and integrative framework. The
Leadership Quarterly, 29(1), 89-104.
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Leadership as a Journey & as a Attribute
        Core Domain
    Underlying theme of Leadership as a process
    · Leadership forms a dynamic maze which propels others to become extraordinary (Jackson and Pa
y, 2018)
· Overall lifecycle of leadership (Lipman-Blumen, 2014 a)
· Transactional and Transitional Leadership (Heifetz, 1994)
    Functions of Leadership
    · Overall frames of the leadership (Bolman and Deal, 2015)
· Servant leadership (Uhi-Bien and Arena, 2018)
· Adaptive leadership (Heifetz, 1994)
    Leadership Stages
    · Different stages of leadership (Uhi-Bien and Arena, 2018)
· Continumm of leadership development (Kellerman, 2015)
· Maturity Model of Leadership (Inspired from additional resources provided in the Leadership Quarterly)
    Core Competencies of leadership
    · Emotional intelligence

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