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looking for rigorous work. Do not use any information from modern day or any info not in the case itself. Needless to say, no outside sources should be used at all (especially CourseHero, Chegg, etc,...

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looking for rigorous work. Do not use any information from modern day or any info not in the case itself. Needless to say, no outside sources should be used at all (especially CourseHero, Chegg, etc, of course).
Analysis: focus on External and/or Internal Environments1. Conduct a PESTEL analysis to identify the forces affecting car manufacturing of alternate energy vehicles XXXXXXXXXXConduct a SWOT analysis to analyze internal and external conditions Tesla must consider going forward XXXXXXXXXXUsing VRIO analysis, evaluate whether Tesla has sustained competitive advantage.
Formulation: focus on Business, Corporate, and/or Global Strategy XXXXXXXXXXHow does Elon Musk constrain Tesla’s options?
Implementation: focus on Recommendations and How to Execute Them XXXXXXXXXXWhat short-term objectives are required for Tesla to survive? XXXXXXXXXXWhat are the primary elements of Tesla’s internal and external environment that need to be addressed for it to achieve a sustained competitive advantage? (hint: revisit your SWOT analysis and suggest to Tesla how they can take advantages of strengths and opportunities and overcome threats and weaknesses)
RUBRIC:1. Rigorous Thinking (ie, effort and is thorough) – not just going through the motions (not just cutting and pasting from case)2. Organized well – easy to skim + go in depth – ie, Business Style Writing3. Answers make sense (not necessarily “right” but your arguments/facts support your suppositions and you show well-organized thinking)4. Use the frameworks and course concepts correctly5. No typos + professional and polished -- ie, a boss would approve.6. Followed directions (including not using modern-day info or outside sources)
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Strategic Management of Tesla Company
Enterprise plans, develops, creates and retails totally exciting cars. It additionally retails, place and keep biofuel creation a
angement and luggage compartment a
angements. They are a supportable biofuel touring firm contribution renewable biofuel goods alongside with creation, cargo space and utilization. Supportable biofuel goods, biofuel and production skill, and only one of its kind trade pattern creates competitive plus for company over its peers.
The tough components for the electric car activity are its increased rate, incomplete influential series, and reduced alertness about electric car’s advantages in customers. Thus, using PESTEL analysis help to understand the outside components like governmental, financial, social, mechanical, lawful and ecological that have an impact on the transaction of a company.
1. Political- law making entities are amongst the central group forces that change businesses and industries. The following outside factors are major to Tesla and the motor vehicle and biofuel solutions corporations: law making incentives for exciting automobiles, new comprehensive trade agreement, and biased stability in the margin of most important markets.
2. Economic- The rise in petrol rate is a problem for the motor vehicle industry, and also it is a chance for the exciting car sector, as rise in petrol rates results in increase want for useful cars.
Drop in charges of magnetic batteries to produce exciting vehicles inexpensive as users will be able to buy new marginal energy vehicles and other products. This is an financial...

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