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Microsoft Word - Assignment 2.docx COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2 COSC260 Assignment 2: Quiz Application Your task is to develop the client-side interface for a "quiz" service running on turing....

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Microsoft Word - Assignment 2.docx
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
COSC260 Assignment 2: Quiz Application
Your task is to develop the client-side interface for a "quiz" service running on turing.
This will be an interactive quiz, much like the one on Moodle.
Assignment 2 Overview
The Assignment has 4 major components:
1) Image animation
2) Form validation
3) User registration
4) Quiz service
You will be provided with the following HTML, CSS, JS, and image files:
| a2.html
| reset.css
| style.css
| your_custom.css
| co
| deer.jpg
| hedgehog.jpg
| inco
| leopard.jpg

File Overview
- a2.html: Contains all HTML required for the Assignment. Familiarize yourself with
the elements, IDs, and classes used in this file (see Figure 1).
- reset.css: Browser CSS reset – you must include this as the first script in your load
order. Do not edit this file.
- style.css: All CSS for the cu
ent site layout. You should not need to edit this file.
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
- your_custom.css: Contains the class rules required for some of the Assignment
tasks. You can add custom CSS rules to this file, if you find you need them. Note this
CSS file should be loaded last, so it can be used to ove
ide existing rules.
- animate.js: All animation code should be put here.
- quiz.js: All quiz code should be put here.
- validate.js: All form validation and submission code should be put here.

Figure 1: A simplified view of the Assignment 2 DOM.
CSS Classes
There are 3 CSS classes that you with need to use to complete the assignment:
1) hidden: sets the display property to none
2) invisible: sets the visibility property to hidden
3) e
or: sets the background-color property to red
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
A) Animation using JavaScript / jQuery
You are required to implement an animation effect in JavaScript (HINT: jQuery is very good
for this). This animation should display three (3) images in turn (i.e an image slider). The
nature of the animation does not matter, so long as each image is displayed one at a time,
with an effect between transitions. The 3 images to display are deer.jpg, hedgehog.jpg, and

B) Form Validation
You must validate the form data before sending it to the server. The HTML form has the id
egistration. The server is insecure, and only checks that the required fields are not
empty. You must use JavaScript to validate the form data before it is sent via a POST request
to the server.
POST Parameter Description Validation requirements
name Name of the user • MUST not be empty
• MUST be between 2 and 100 characters long
• MUST only contain characters a-z (upper and lower
case), - (hyphen), or ' (apostrophe)
age Age in years • MUST not be empty
• MUST be an integer value between 13-130
email Email address • MUST not be empty
• MUST be validated using either:
o The provided Regular Expression (See last page)
o An appropriate regex found online (must be credited
with the URL at which you found it)
phone Phone number
• OPTIONAL: This field may be empty
• MUST be exactly 10 characters long
• MUST only contain digits (no letters or symbols)
• MUST start with '04'
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
If there is a problem with user input, an e
or message must be displayed for each problem.
All e
ors must be displayed in the #user_info HTML element (HINT: use the provided
classes to show and hide this element). The e
or class must also be applied to the e
C) User Registration
You will need to register your user by using the HTML form with the id registration. The
form must be validated as described in B). If the form passes validation, then it should be
sent on to the server using an AJAX request. All requests MUST be made using AJAX.
The registration service takes four (4) parameters as POST data which must be validated.
Three (3) are required (name, age, email), and one (1) is optional (phone). The table below
shows the responses, and e
ors, returned by the server. If there is an e
or, the body of the
esponse will contain a JSON object with an e
or attribute which holds a description of the
or, as described below: use this for debugging.
Parameters Response Example JSON response
All POST parameters supplied New user ID
No POST data
or": "No POST data
Invalid or missing POST data
or": "Missing [x]
ect request type
or": "Only POST
requests allowed"
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
The ID returned by the server (in the user_id attribute of the JSON object) must be
displayed in the
element with the id user_id. If there is a user_id in this element,
we can assume the user is now logged in (Note: refreshing the page will make the user have
to register again - this is fine for this assignment).
Once the user is ‘logged in’, the registration form should be hidden, and the quiz form
should be displayed: you must use CSS classes to achieve this.
D) AJAX Quiz Service
This is the main application you will be interfacing with when building your quiz. It can be
accessed either by GET or POST requests.
• When no request parameters are provided, this service provides a list of question
ID's which must then be used to request the individual question data.
• Providing only the q= parameter with a valid question ID will return a JSON object
containing data for that question (id, question text, and 4 answers).
• Providing both q= with a valid question ID, and a= with a choice selection [a,b,c,d]
will cause the service to check the question and provide a Boolean 'co
ect' field in
the resulting JSON.
quiz.php provides multiple-choice questions with available answers, one of which is co
and can check user-provided answers for co
When a request is made to this URL, a JSON object will be returned. If an e
or occurs or an
invalid request is received, an e
or attribute will be present in the JSON.
You're encouraged to experiment with manually using the service before writing AJAX calls.
Hint: "REST Easy" is a Firefox and Chrome plugin which can help with this
COSC260 Web Programming Assignment 2
Depending on the input parameters, the service will return one of four (4) JSON structures:
Parameters Response Example HTTP
List of valid question
"questions": [
200 OK
Invalid Question
or message
or": "Unknown Question"
400 Bad
Data for the question
with the ID
"id": 12350,
"text": "2 + 2 ?",
"choices": {
"A": "1",
"B": "2",
"C": "3",
"D": "4"
200 OK

q=, a=e.g.

Result from answering
the question with
the answer code .
"id": 12350,
ect": true
200 OK
Users can answer quiz questions using the HTML form with the id quiz. Question text
should be placed in the
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