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Introduction Boeing and Airbus are the two global giants in aircraft manufacturing space. Airbus is a European player whereas Boeing is an American conglomerate. Some small players which are hardly...

Boeing and Ai
us are the two global giants in aircraft manufacturing space. Ai
us is a European player whereas Boeing is an American conglomerate. Some small players which are hardly heard of are Convair, Lockheed Martin, Fokker and Fairchild Aircraft.
Aircraft manufacturing is a very time taking process and take years to get the right product in place. R&D is a big differentiator factor in this industry which in itself is a slow paced and time consuming phenomenon. If we take last 10 years numbers of Aircraft orders received by these two giants and their capability to fulfill those in time we would find that Boeing is far efficient than Ai
us in this paramete
us got 9.9k orders in period 2007 till 2016 from aircraft ca
iers around the world but they fulfilled only 5.6k whereas on the other side Boeing received 8.9k orders and it went to fulfill upto 5.7k orders. It gives a clear indication that fill rate of Ai
us stands at 56.5% and of Boeing stands way ahead at 63.7%.
The parameter clearly shows the efficiency in laid out processes of Boeing compared to its European counterpart
Product Portfolio
    A320 family
    A318 aircrafts
    A319 NEO
    A320 neo
    A321 neo
    Most delightful aircraft of A320 family. It can accommodate 110 passengers. It comes in 4 sizes and offers remarkable fuel mileage, outstanding operational reliability, performance and ultimate passenger comfort, which makes A320 Family the most successful aircraft family ever. Its excellent innovation and quality feature highlights the
illiance at the core of Ai
    A319neo has one of the best in class cabin space across its peer group. Boasts of seating capacity of approx. hundred and forty passengers in 2 classes or maximum upto 160 in a high-density layout .The A320neo “new engine option” is the newest of many product upgrades launched by Ai
    It is one of the best market-leading single-aisle jetliners of Ai
us. A320neo promises of upto 20% savings in fuel burn per seat by 2020, 2 tonnes of additional payload, 500 nautical miles of more range, lower opex. It also boasts of 50% reduction in engine noise
ings best in class engine and comfort seating choices, latest cabin features and aerodynamic improvements. As a result of an optimized cabin space and increased exit limits, it is capable to ca
y 165 passengers in 2 classes or up to 189 in a high-density configuration.
    In A321 neo Ai
us increased its seating strength and capacity with optimized use of cabin space, unique cabin door configuration and optimized exit limits.
us termed it as "Cabin-Flex" option and increases the maximum certified capacity to 240 seats, while it doesn’t compromises on Ai
us’ modern comfort standard of at least 18-inch wide seats..

    A330 family
    One of the most reliable and modern family of aircraft in the sky. It has a typical capacity of 247 passengers and can be adjusted to ca
y as many as four hundred and six.
Its specially designed twin-aisle wide body aircraft provides all passengers with an abundance of personal space, and modern cabin allows for 18-inch wide seats which
ings a level of relaxation and comfort to long-haul flights.
    A300 holds the capacity to ca
y between 277 to 440 passengers and is popular member of A330 family, it is flexible and offers range of seating options and delivers superior and quality comfort to all those on board. It has most modern facilities in comfort and offers best in class in-flight experience. It’s superior and ambient lighting, inviting and spacious and cabin features, are few of many comfort that this beast offers. It has one of the quietest cabins which creates a calm environment for the entire flight.
     The A330-800neo is based on the popular A XXXXXXXXXXand it is forerunner in generating savings through its significant improvements in terms of performance and efficient fuel burn rate.
     A330neo jetliner was launched in July 2014 with significant improvements in efficiency. It offers most contemporary and advanced in-flight experience. It provide a range of 6550 nautical miles and accommodates two hundred and eighty seven seats in a typical 3-class layout
    Boeing 777
    Boeing 787
    Boeing 777's special combination of outstanding fuel efficiency , superior range, and passenger-prefe
ed comfort has created success for ca
iers across the globe. New 777-300ER also gives operators an ultimate opportunity to extend that legacy.
    Boeing 767
    It is one of the favorites aircraft of Cargo operators around the world.This world class fleet could run for an average 10 hours per day. Till now 100 freighters have been delivered across the globe and have accumulated more than 2 million flight hours combined since the introduction of the model.
    The best in class technology of the 787 Dreamliner is creating excellent opportunities for airlines around the globeand is improving the experiene of travelers. Unmatched fuel efficiency and range flexibility enables ca
iers to robust bottom lines and open new routes as well which optimizes fleet and network performance. It is called the Dreamliner effect.
Orders received – comparison XXXXXXXXXX)
    Orders received (units)

    Sales($ billion)
Orders received
Boeing     2016    2015    668    998    Ai
us    2016    2015    731    1080    
Boeing    2016    2015    93    80    Ai
us    2016    2015    67    64
Sep 24, 2019

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