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I wanna be done these task 01 and 03. I have done task 01 myself. if you want that copy I can send it too. Please be stick more with assessor checklist. and In task 03, I have make some notes from...

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I wanna be done these task 01 and 03. I have done task 01 myself. if you want that copy I can send it too. Please be stick more with assessor checklist. and In task 03, I have make some notes from lecture. For question 03 you can improve the failure point from question 2. And for Question 2 use topic from task 02 (in 2nd dote point). Thank you
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Akansha answered on Jun 14 2020
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Manage HUman Resources
Task 2:
Minutes of Meeting: (Meeting overview)
Following is a detailed overview of the discussions conducted during the meeting:
Meeting Objective
To discuss the HR perspective of the proposed strategy or organizational structure for an E-commerce website.
Involved personnel
Senior Management
HR Managers
Discussed HR objectives
Equal Employment Opportunities
Training and Development of the
The diversity of the employee base
Remuneration and staff recruitment policies.
Management Preferences:
Increased Financial benefits
Low COGS standards
Hiring strong and skill full employees
The core focus of the meeting was to highlight that the employees will form the core of the organization, hence it is important that the employees feel satisfied with the policies and strategies implemented by the organization.
In order to ensure that the Managers agree on the HR policies and strategies, it is important that all the developed policies should be aligned with the organizational objectives set up by the leaders and the managers to guide the organizational process. The developed policies should be able to create a state of harmony for both the organization and the employee where the requirements and the expectations of both the stakeholders can be addressed.
For the purpose:
From the manager’ perspective: The Policies should create an organizational environment that offers growth opportunities for the organization through continuous efforts from the employees, prosper an encouraging team environment, proper evaluation of employee efforts and reduced in-house conflicts. Additionally, for the managers to agree on the developed set of policies, they need to be sure that the policies create an encouraging environment where the employees can align the interests of the organization above their personal interests.
From the employee perspective, the developed policies should focus on the progressive growth of the employees, mutual respect, and dignity, provide sufficient growth and learning opportunities to the employee base and provide suitable remunerations and health and safety provisions to them.
Cost benefits analysis:
Resources required to Support the human resource plan and new suggested Technology
The suggested technology or approach focus on expanding the business and its products with the help of an e-commerce platform where the VTI group can mark an online presence and sales for its product line. For the purpose, the organization will need to restructure its website from a basic informational portal to a fully-structured e-commerce platform.
The Suggested approach will need the organization to address the following set of key activities that will need financial resources.
· Restructuring of the existing Websites
· New GUI
· New Backend integrations for functionality support
· E-commerce features addition
· Training of Existing staff
· Training with the New CRM structure
· Training about the E-commerce services
· Training for Sales and service support to the customers for the e-commerce platform
· Recruiting the new Staff members:
· Selection and recruiting of 8 customer support executives for an e-commerce platform
· Screening Process
· Interviewing
· Final Selection
· Product line and business familiarity training to the new employees
Cost analysis
    Expected Financial investment
    Restructuring of existing website
    $ 10000
    Recruiting the staff
    $ 30000
    Hardware resources such as computers, printers , internet routers etc.
    $ 2000
    Training for the Employees; 8 staff members
    8 * $ 3000= $ 24000
    Additional marketing cost
    $ 30000
    Additional Remuneration to staff
    $ 40000
    Additional Staff training
    $ 51000
    $ 187000
Perceived Financial benefits
Successively increased cash flow from online modes
    Cash Flow
    Year 1
    $ 50000
    Year 2
    $ 70000
    Year 3
    $ 100000
Evidently, the perceived cost benefits of the organization exceed the calculated investments of the organization making the e-commerce option a
Hiring sources:
As evident, the organization will need to hire 8 new employees for the customer support services to be provided to the online customers of the e-commerce website. For the purpose, the organization can either hire new staff members to use an internal staff if available in abundance to fulfill the requirements. (Parsells, 2013)
As described in the case study, the organization has 4 extra employees in 2 of its physical stores which can be used to fill in the positions of the customer service executives. Using these employees will allow the organization to:
· Optimise the human resources cu
ently in place as those human resources are already being paid the salaries.
· The employees will already have a knowledge of the product line of the organization, hence the training requirements will be reduced.

The purpose of the external hiring of the employees is to...

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