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I need one replay for each discussions and I'll upload 2 discussions each one must be 200 words I must have 400 words from you , every discussion 200 words. Discussion: From Manufacturing to...

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I need one replay for each discussions and I'll upload 2 discussions each one must be 200 words I must have 400 words from you , every discussion 200 words.

Discussion: From Manufacturing to Fast-Food, Employers are Taking Advantage of COVID-19 to Mistreat Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected many sectors in the global economy. Many organizations are not making adequate profits to sustain their business operations. One of the most hit sectors by the pandemic is the labor industry. Many people have lost their jobs since the pandemic started. Unfortunately, some employers are using the pandemic to mistreat workers in various ways. In the health care industry, health care organizations are mistreating health care providers as they try to provide quality care services to patients. For example, some nurses are forced to take care of patients even when they do not have quality personal protective equipment (PPE), thus exposing health care providers to the risk of contracting the Covid-19. In The Washington Post by Devenport et al. (2020), a nurse working in Oklahoma City was mistreated by her employers for wearing a face mask and threatened to terminate her contract if she was unwilling to risk her life when providing patient care.

Other employers are using the pandemic to mistreat employees by forcing them to work in risky environments without protection. Workers who complain about the situation are suspended without getting any benefits from the employers. In other cases, employers are using the pandemic to fire some workers and discriminate against others based on their age, gender, and race. Under these employers, workers left to work are mentally stressed out, overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid. Thus, workers are subjected to pandemic-related challenges, yet employers do not increase their salaries and wages. Some employers mistreat workers by subjecting them to mandatory overtime to recover for time lost during lockdowns and curfews. Many labor unions have complained about employers not practicing safety protocol, thus exposing their workers (Davenport et al., XXXXXXXXXXLastly, some employers have not paid salaries to their workers for several months because they are using the pandemic to deny workers their hard-earned money, thus exposing them and their families to economic hardships.

this the second one :

Rameez Bhamjee on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 9:57 PM Number of replies: 1 Picture of Hybrid The COVID-19 pandemic has caused such a massive inconvenience in the lives of everyone, especially those in the working fields. Companies were forced to immediately close as according to the regulations and restrictions set by the local governments. Companies had to try to find ways to operate in a way where they are still obeying the regulations and also doing their utmost to ensure the safety of both the customers and their employees.

(Berube, Bateman, 2020) spoke about how workers were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and stated, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has brought massive disruptions to Americans’ economic lives. The people feeling those disruptions most viscerally include the millions of U.S. workers left jobless by shuttered restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, plummeting air and rail travel, and emptied museums, casinos, and sports stadiums. In just two short weeks, a record 10 million American workers filed claims for unemployment benefits.

Certain industries did not have the luxury of going remote and virtual, industries such as the fast-food industry and the manufacturing industries. These industries still forced their employees to come to work every day and be worried about contracting the COVID-19 virus.

(Gomez, n.a) speaks about how workers in certain industries were unfairly treated during the pandemic and stated that, they worried that if they didn’t go in, they would be fired instead and therefore not eligible for unemployment insurance. Simpson-Troy agonized over the decision, crying for hours and they said that they “freaked out about it a lot.” Like so many others in the pandemic economy, it was a decision between an uncertain economic future and potential exposure to a highly contagious, lethal virus.

Employees felt like they were forced to go to work and were scared to miss any days even if they did not feel safe or protected against the virus.

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Anurag answered on Feb 13 2022
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Hello student, after reading your discussion I would like to admire your insight on the topic. I agree with the fact that employers are taking advantage of the worker class and other minor laborers in the name of the cu
ent pandemic situation our world is facing. I also agree with the fact that during this time period, many companies are incapable of generating a proper revenue. The labor industry is comparatively one of the most hit sectors hence, most people have lost their job when the pandemic affected the work. You have also mentioned about the healthcare officials attempting to offer patients with high-quality care, health-care companies are mistreating health-care personnel. I appreciate the fact which you have provided that some nurses are required to care for patients despite the fact that they lack adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), putting them at danger of getting the Covid-19.
I think the spread of the...

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