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I have attahed the question below.

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I have attahed the question below.
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Priyanka answered on Oct 10 2021
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3.1 Career Opportunities and threats in Professional scientific and technical industry3
3.2 Career Opportunities and threats in Education and Training industry
The report is a structural representation of a career investigation. It examines the prospects for an international graduate with a master's in professional accounting degree who wants to work in Australia. The report covers the scope for making a career in the field of accounts and Finance. It also highlights the major threats of working in the industry in the country respectively. Creative job-seeking strategies will be then taken into consideration to overcome the threats or challenges. The major concern is of intercultural communication. The report also presents recommendations and suggestions to be successful in the Australian labor market.
The Australian labor market offers many opportunities for job seekers. All the industries present opportunities fairly. One needs to utilize creative job-seeking skills and develop one's personality by adding practical along with theoretical skills. The Australian labor market in 2019 has an unemployment rate of 5% as mentioned by the Australian Bureau of statistics. The year of 2018 registered and an increase of 1.7% in vacancies. Since 1980, Australia has become more involved with the global economy as it increased internationalization by
inging changes in the government policy. The jobs in Australia are available in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries for full-time as well as part-time jobs. The Australian job market also causes some threats for international students because of a change in culture. If a student works well on the understanding of innovative job-seeking strategies and works genuinely to find out the opportunities, a decent high paying job can be easily found out.
3.1 Career Opportunities and threats in the Professional, scientific and technical industry
Depending upon the master’s degree of mine, the industries that I would target are technical, scientific and professional services, while practicing for the occupation of general accountancy. This industry demands business services that have been strongly estimated to grow in the coming 5 years until 2024. Based on the recent survey, the employment opportunities provided by the industry are around 1,082,100 people (extracted from abstract data). It consists of 8.5 % of the total employee workforce out of all the accountants. As a result of it, the growth of employment increased by 99.4% in the last 5 years. The earnings per week on average are $1,380 (labor market information portal, 2018). As per the data released by Australian job 2018, the technical, scientific and professional employees can increase the earnings by 13%. The recruitment consultancies are searching for employees who are highly educated and skilled. Therefore, one more job has been created since the emergence of Technology and automation. However, it needs to be remembered that the market has posed some more demands because of the high rate of competition in this industry. The demands are from professionals seeking employment. This emergence of Technology and automation also poses a thread on the workers who have been practicing conventional ways of working as they are not so comfortable with adopting the changing trends of the market. Some occupations have also shown a downfall in the last 5 years. Some of them are of commercial cleaners that went down by 15600 jobs (Australia Jobs, 2018), secretaries went down by 21100 jobs, and accounting clerks went down by 21900 jobs. The downfall in the number of jobs was because the professionals of general accounting are one of the highest and largest paying jobs. In 2017, the most promising trends in the long-term were inclined towards the jobs that need the highest quality of skills and the maximum number of jobs (375,000) was created. This was 14.8% of 37% of the new jobs. It was followed by personal service and the community workers with 21.4 percent or 234300 jobs. This proves that there are high possibilities of the industry showing the immense opportunities for young professionals. The basis of recruitment standards set by the major employers depends on different factors including the skills and qualification that helps in differentiating the occupations along with the tasks performed in them. This is the reason behind the higher wages and salary packages of the professionals who are highly skilled. Therefore, the agencies of recruitment look for the applicants and try to find out the ways with which they try to connect with them and offer them the opportunities of employment in the present and the future scenario of the Australian labor market.
3.2 Career opportunities and threats in the education and training industry
In the last 5 years, the industry that has grown massively in the Australian economy is the services sector. This is the reason behind the employment of 3 out of 4 professionals who are placed in the services sector industry (Australian Jobs, 2018).
The education and training industry is one of the industries that fall into the category of the...

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