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Our 100W course had an important component on studying the environment. Now that you’ve had a semester to study and do research on environmental topics, how has the class influenced you? Have you changed your thinking about the environmental problems we face? What do you plan to do going forward?

Include information learned in theGreenTalkpresentations on Water Conservation, and/or Sustainability at SJSU. You may also discuss the research you did for your final project and /or what you have learned from other class presentations, e.g., Environmental Pioneers, Sea-Level Rise.)

Please follow directions carefully. Be sure to proofread carefully and check spelling and grammar before uploading your memo.



Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.


1 to 1.5 pages.


Single-spaced, with a blank line between paragraphs

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Dipali answered on May 18 2023
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I am writing to discuss how the Environmental Studies course has affected the way I think about the environmental issues we face and to lay out my future goals in light of the information I have acquired over the course of the semester. I have had the chance to learn about a variety of environmental issues during the course, which has increased my knowledge of the problems our world confronts and the solutions that may be put into place. The Green Talk seminars at SJSU, especially Green Talk 5 on Water Conservation and Green Talk 7 on Sustainability, were enlightening and had a profound effect on me. We looked at the crucial topic of water conservation in Green Talk 5. The devastating effects that a lack of water has on ecosystems and human livelihoods were highlighted in the presentation along with the scary statistics around it. Knowing how important it is to use less water in our everyday lives and comprehending the cutting-edge methods used for water conservation have inspired me to be more aware of my water usage. To help preserve this priceless resource, I have put into practise easy but effective actions like repairing leaking faucets,...

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