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For a Tourism and Hospitality organisation of your choice, research and analyse the existing strategy of that business.</o:p> </o:p> You have recently been appointed as the CEO of your...

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For a Tourism and Hospitality organisation of your choice, research and analyse the existing strategy of that business.

You have recently been appointed as the CEO of your chosen organisation, apply your critical thinking skills to develop strategic recommendations for the development of the business over the next 12 months. To submit a definitive and complete Report for the organisation chosen, you will need to consider at least the following –

· A brief history of the organisation and its strategic development.

· The internal and external environments of the organisation.

· The development of strategy at a business, functional and corporate level.

· Competitive advantage and sustainability.

The impacts of mergers and acquisitions, international strategy and alliances.

· Strategic implementation and the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship.

· Organisational structure, controls and corporate governance.

The Report may address other relevant considerations and must include evidence of research to substantiate your conclusions and recommendations.

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
History of Intrepid Travels and its Strategic Developments    3
Internal Environment of Intrepid Travels    4
SWOT Analysis of Intrepid Travels    4
External Environment of the Intrepid Travels    5
PESTLE Analysis    5
Development of Strategies    6
Business Level    6
Functional Level    6
Corporate Level    6
Competitive Advantage and Sustainability of Intrepid Travels    7
Competitive Advantage of Intrepid Travels    7
Sustainability of Intrepid Travels    7
Impacts of Merger, International Strategy, Acquisitions and Alliances on Intrepid Travels    8
Impacts of Merger and Acquisitions on Intrepid Travels    8
Impacts of International Strategy and Alliances on Intrepid Travels    8
Strategic Implementation and Importance of Leadership as well as Entrepreneurship    9
Organisational Structure, Controls and Corporate Governance of Intrepid Travels    10
Conclusion    10
Recommendations    11
References    12
Business strategy is used to increase Intrepid Travel’s business from the past. A set of competitive actions and moves, which can improve a business of Intrepid Travels if can be implemented co
ectly is called business strategies. This new dynamic moves and actions can attract travellers more. It also helps to compete with other companies successfully. It also strengthens Intrepid Travels by implementing some good new moves in the company’s business approach. It improves the company’s performance. In this report, an Australian company, Intrepid Travels’ business strategies are discussed to improve its business by analysing its strength in previous strategies.
History of Intrepid Travels and its Strategic Developments
Intrepid Travels is a tourism organisation which deals with the different tours and travels within Australia. There are various sites where the travellers want to go when they visit Australia. Intrepid a
anges the different procedures through which the tourists can visit those places. The whole tour package is a
anged by the Intrepid Travels. It has already conducted more than 70 tours within Australia. The tourists provide a very positive attribute towards the tourism activities of the Intrepid Tourism. They have their site online as well so that the customers or the tourists can contact with them through the social or digital media. They conduct the tours throughout the whole country. They are not concentrated in a specific place that is the reason why they have been able to grow with the previous years.
The company has achieved a great milestone in these years. It has become the renowned tourism company within Australia. This Intrepid Travels Company has numerous offices, camps, booths, customer representatives scattered throughout Australia. This company provides the customers extreme good services, good range of the products, valuation of the products and convenience to the travellers. It works with the different departments of the travel and tourism. They have their collaboration with several restaurants and hotels so that they can provide their services to the travellers without any kind of difficulties. The company has recently taken various strategies to improve the inconvenience of the travellers as well.
They have good contacts with the different car services and they can provide cars to the travellers, who want to visit the different local places of Australia. Thus, they are able to gain customer satisfaction over the years. The company has taken several strategies for business and it helps the company to grow. It understands the people's mentality. They know that travellers want to travel intrigue. Travellers always look for a simple, easy, unique way to travel. They want to keep it less complicated because it was the time for relaxation. That is the reason why while travelling the Intrepid Travel Company takes the most responsibility of the travellers so that they can have no such headaches of travelling.
Internal Environment of Intrepid Travels
Internal environment of Intrepid Travels of internal things of an office of a business company such as behaviour of the employees, vision, mission, objectives of Intrepid Travels, human resources, corporate culture, organisational structure, physical resources and technological resources, capabilities of Intrepid Travels, value system (Javid, Monfared & Aghamoosa, 2016). The internal environment is the main component of a business environment. It is composed of different elements, which are present in the business organisation. These elements can affect a business company by its choices, decisions and activities of that organisation.
Intrepid Travels has some kinds of business environment, which are internal and are existed in the office or
anches. The organisational structure of this company can help to reach its goal. The structure of an organisation relies on the ways or activities, by which that company is growing. These ways determine the tasks, supervision, and coordination, activities of the board members, professionalism, functional and divisional structure.
SWOT Analysis of Intrepid Travels
    · Different existing tourism facilities within the country
· The rich and authentic infrastructure of the travel organisation within Australia
· The company has incorporated several new natural resources that can be ecofriendly and balancing
    · There is no cooperation from the other sectors associated with the travel agency
· The Australian government provides a very low support to the company
· The lack of physical offices of this company within Australia
    · The global market is expanding in a huge amount
· The nature of Australia is very soothing so many travellers will opt for travelling here.
    · The new competitors in the Australian Market
· Low financial growth of the company
External Environment of the Intrepid Travels
    The external environment is those behaviours, which are outside of the company but can affect the company's business. External behaviours of Intrepid Travels include all the outside factors that can influence the business of Intrepid Travels and have impacts upon the company. However, the business can go on and follow the business flows. There are two types of external behaviours. They are microenvironment and macro environment (Zu’bi, 2016).
Microelements of a business environment can directly influence the business and macro external behaviours of Intrepid Travels are those, which have no direct control over a business, but still, those have impacts upon the business. The micro external behaviours of Intrepid Travels are suppliers, travellers,...

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