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DISCUSSION BOARD UNIT XXXXXXXXXXWORDS)</o:p> Review the followingLinkedIn Learning videosto help you with your assignments in this Unit.</o:p> Think about and describe a scenario whereby...

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Review the followingLinkedIn Learning videosto help you with your assignments in this Unit.

Think about and describe a scenario whereby you are the individual responsible for the design of a network for a large organization. This network would entail connectivity between sites in the US, Europe, Africa and Japan as well as within regions. Specify the remote-access and WAN technologies you would employ. Explain how you would choose the necessary topology, routers, switches, media, etc. Discuss reasons for choosing those technologies and explain the organizational requirements that would be addressed.



Review the followingLinkedIn Learning videosto help you with your assignments in this Unit.

Mr. Smith is the Director of IT at a law firm located in downtown Chicago. He needs to plan for a network upgrade. He has decided that he would like to have a network analysis done before the upgrade so that he can find out which systems would require upgrades and to create a strategy to present to the senior partners that will include return on investment.

The law offices occupy four floors of a high-rise building. The customer is experiencing network latency, especially in the Accounting department and in Human Resources, which both reside on the 32nd floor. The director of the Accounting department has expressed concerns about the security of his files. The Research, IT, and Corporate Administration departments all share the 33rd floor. The senior and junior partners and their support staff occupy the 35th floor, and the 36th floor is used for reception and conference rooms. The firm has decided that video conferencing is an essential component of its business and is looking to implement video conferencing as soon as possible so it can communicate with two new satellite offices that will be occupied in six months.

The firm has one network segment for each floor but has been experiencing latency. Each floor except the 36th has 10 to 20 printers. Each floor has a 100Mb uplink to the Data Center on the 33rd floor. There are approximately 50 PCs on the 36th floor, 150 PCs on the 35th floor, and 40 PCs on both the 32nd and 33rd floors. The servers for each department reside on their respective floors. Mr. Smith is concerned about network security and wants a recommendation to secure traffic of three specific departments: Human Resources, Accounting, and Corporate Administration.

Answer these questions:

  • What type of testing program (Prototype or Pilot) would you recommend testing the video conferencing among the remote offices? Justify your choice of one testing program over the other.
  • What type of naming structure would you give to servers, network devices and end nodes in this network? Provide a few examples.
  • Explain why Mr. Smith's existing network does not provide adequate security for the data in each department. How do you want to optimize the network?
  • Explain the function of each network device.
  • Will the needs of key departments change your network design? Explain your answer.
  • You may include 2-3 small diagrams as needed, but they must be entirely original work. Together these diagrams may add up to no more than one page of your paper.

Write a paper using the APA style that summarizes your findings and provides enough detail to fully support your opinion.
The followinggrading rubricwill be used for this assignment.

This assignment will also be assessed using additional criteria providedhere.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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Neha answered on Mar 14 2022
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WAN technologies and Remote-access tools:
1. Packet switching: Using the packet switching data messages are further divided into small parts, and they are known as the packets. These packets are transfe
ed to different locations, and they include header, payload and related data.
2. TCP/IP suite: It is the protocols suite which is used as the fundamental for network interconnections and helps to connect the devices on the network.
3. Overlay: This network helps in the data communication the software can be used for the virtual network creation using different network.
4. Packet over SDH: It is a protocol which is used in wide area network, and it offers points to point connection. This is for load when we use optical fiber.
Topology: The topology which can be used with the wide area network is ring or bust topology for this situation we can use partial mesh as it will offer different routes for different nodes present in the network and also offers redundancy.
Router: We can use dual WAN routers as they help to connect multiple connections with the different ISP and offers load balancing.
Organizational requirements:
we need to have redundant cool infrastructure to establish the network as it will offer high access for the Internet.
Part 2
As per the given scenario, it is advisable to use pilot testing. Pilot testing can be defined as the testing which can be performed by the group of end users before working on the deployment of the system in any production. In this type of testing the testing is done for the component of the system or we can perform this testing for the whole system in the real time scenario. The system will be installed on the customer this type of testing can be performed on that side. The customer will perform regular and continuous testing to find out the box present in the system. With the help of pilot testing the complete system or the component of the system can be tested and verified in the real time scenario itself (Ruiz, L. D., Radtke, M. D., & Sche
, R. E). It is advisable to use the pilot testing for checking the video conferencing among all the remote offices. This type of testing is...

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