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Can you please have this done by 5pm? Is there a military discount? How much would this cost?

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Can you please have this done by 5pm? Is there a military discount? How much would this cost?
Answered Same Day Jun 17, 2021


Jose answered on Jun 17 2021
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The University of Queensland
Case Study Analysis
Case Study Analysis
IRAC Method
Student Submitting:
Due Date: 18/06/2020
Case -1 Tort Law
Cascante v. 50 States Security Service, 45 Fla. L Weekly D8 (Fla. 3rd DCA December 26, 2019):
While analysing case we can understand that appellant Cascante was attacked by two people South Miami Metrorail Station parking garage at 8 pm. He was seriously injured, and at that, no security guards were there for protecting the Cascante. The duty of security guards is limited to to Appellant filed a case against 50 States Security Service stating they failed to protect people who use South Miami Metrorail Station parking garage. 
As per the law “Crucial to the duty, an inquiry is ‘whether the defendant’s conduct foreseeably creates a
oader “zone of risk” that poses a general threat of harm to others.”. As per the Restatement (Second) of Torts, section 324A, it is the duty of the undertaker to provide security to the people (Kysar et al 2018). The 50 States Security Service has to provide reasonable care and security to the customers. The duty time of the security guard is limited to to and appellant was attacked by 8.00 pm. In terms of the contract, the legal duty of the 50 States Security Service ends at 7.00 pm. As per Tort law, Unambiguous contractual terms create more problems...

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