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62006 - fund/Task 1.docx
Scenario 1
The organization has different departments like account, inventory, sales Co marketing and developers. Before starting any fundraising event, we must have a proper plan to organise it. The first step is to find out the purpose of the event in this case we have to collect the funds to buy new computers, scanners and other things for the organization. After finalising the purpose, the next step is to find out the goal. We should decide the amount of money which we want to raise from the event. In this case we will have to collect $1,00,000 from the event to buy necessary items for the organization. We must finalise the budget which will be used to organise the event. The budget will include all the expenses done on the staff common invitations, catering, transportation, space rental, utilities and few other things. The budget help us to make sure that the fund is raised more than the all the expenses. For the event there will be a host committee chairperson Who can be there manager of the team to organise the event. It is important to find out the target audience to collect the fund. We must be very clear with the guest of the events for example if we are organising a bike racing event then We cannot invite the customers above 50. We must have a set a plan and advance this includes the information about the location, food entertainment Commerce and few other things. For this case I have planned to organise a bike race among the staff members and the customers. The invitation will be sent to all the people below age 50. There will be a entry fee for all the bike riders. the marketing of the event must be done very successfully. The marketing decides whether the fund will be raised or not.
Questions to be asked to CEO
1) Date of event
2) Maximum number of participants
3) Winner prize
4) Motive of organizing event
5) Duration
6) Any chief guest
Scenario 2
The CRM is mainly implemented in an organization to deal with the customers efficiently and effectively in lessor time. The organization wants to implement the CRM and we must be very clear with the requirements to select the best CRM package for the organization. We can use the interview technique for the staff members of the organization to gather information about their working style and the features which they need in the software. We can Organise a survey for all the customers who are related with the organization to understand their thinking. The number of customers is more so we cannot organise one to one interview with them. The staff members can help us with their ve
al and nonve
al communications to gather information so we can utilise the interviews. To collect all the information about the organization we can check for the policies and processes followed by the organization. We can ask the organization to share about their sales process and account info and outflow. The inflow and outflow can help us to find out where most of the expenses is done and how we can reduce it using the CRM system.
The stack old holders are those people who uses the system mostly like the customers and the staff members of the organization. It is important to consult them to understand their views and choices regarding the work individually.
Business-Critical Factors
1) What is the process of sales in the organization?
2) How the decisions are made for the customers?
3) How the marketing for new items is done in the organization?
The whole organization will be divided into each Department. The sales Department will inform about their issues and functions which they need in the new system. The account Department can inform about the inflow and outflow of the organization and help to understand their needs. The inventory Department would require a system to find out the items which are going to finish soon in the inventory and need to be ordered.
The data will be shown to the manager in the form of a report which will include the main questions and a graph will show the answers from the users. Document can be presented to the manager which will include the diagrams and its explanation to understand the requirements easily as manager can be a non-technical person.
It would be better for the organization to have a customised customer relationship management software for their needs. Software developer team can be hired to develop a system according to the requirements of the organization So that they don't have to pay any extra charges for the features which they are not using.
62006 - fund/Task 2.docx
We can check for the departments and the work at each level. Each manager will have the different operations to be performed. We can check for the tasks at all the levels. The admin manager is the person who is responsible for managing all the activities performed in the team for...

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