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Assignment about : Management Information System : Assignment Brief Student must include in their answer some supporting elements which may include examples from work,cases studies, textbook,...

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Assignment about : Management Information System :
Assignment Brief

Student must include in their answer some supporting elements which may include examples from work,cases studies, textbook, lectures, internet search etc. with appropriate referencing.

Choose a company that will be your client organization. You are taking the role of a consultant specializing inMIS and your task is to provide recommendations for how your client organization can improve their MIS.You can focus on one particular aspect, one department in the organization or the organization as a whole.Write a 2500–3500-word report, whereby you should cover the following aspects:

- Organizational overview- Analysis of current state of MIS using 4 models of your choice from the following: 3 dimensions of IS/ 3activities of IS/Porter’s 5 forces/security issues/ Cloud Computing/Information ethics/areas for maintainingMIS/Database Management Systems- Explain how the organization has been transforming its operations in the light of COVID and role oftechnology in this transformation- Recommendations for how the company can improve MISSuggested structure for the report:Cover PageExecutive summary (summarizing all key parts emerging from the report)Table of Contents1. Introduction (to the purpose, structure of the paper and organizational background) approx. 350 words2. Analysis of the current MIS applied by the company (using appropriate models) approx. 1200 words3. Recommendations for how MIS can be improved in the company (using appropriate models) approx. 1200 words4. Conclusions approx. 200 wordsReferences*Appendix (Optional)
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Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club         4
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Analysis of The Cu
ent MIS    4
Porter’s 5 Forces    4
Hardware    5
Software    6
Data    6
Computerized Business Process    6
Benefits of the MIS System for the Organization    7
Recommendation    9
Conclusion    14
References    16
Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is located in Windsor, Ontario. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, which opened in 1992, is located in Kiambu County, Kenya, about 30 minutes from Nairobi, the country's capital, and 45 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The resort is situated on 200 acres of land that was originally a major coffee estate, providing long vistas, fresh air, and unparalleled tranquilly. The richness of an indigenous forest and undulating greensward define the landscape today. It features multiple man-made lakes and a river that runs through it, as well as a view of both the Aberdare and Mount Kenya ranges. Its structures are built in the neo-Victorian style, with plenty of open space to allow for natural illumination during the day.
Because the 5-star resort is so large, it is separated into two wings, one north and one south, each with three different types of rooms to accommodate tourists. There are 80 Deluxe Rooms available, each with cable TV, internet access, and direct-dial phones. Studio Suites, which number 20 and are placed at the top of the lodging structures, provide a panoramic view of the whole resort as well as a considerable intake of fresh air. Cottages consist of two rooms: a living area and a beautiful bedroom, as well as a private yard. Each accommodation has a view of the magnificent 18-hole golf course due to the design. In addition to golfing and lodging, the resort provides a variety of other activities. It features three beautiful gardens that may be utilized for a variety of occasions such as weddings, each tailored to a distinct group of people. It also features 5 conference spaces, all of which are placed away from any form of distractions and are perfect for holding meetings.
As with the gardens, each may be chosen based on the amount of people expected to attend. All have cutting-edge meeting technology, including projectors, public address systems, high-speed internet, and video and teleconferencing capabilities. It also provides a dining experience with a variety of cuisines to choose from, as well as comfy and sophisticated bars where beverages may be served. It contains a pool area as well as a gym that is available to both tourists and members for family entertainment.
Analysis of The Cu
ent MIS
The technical sector has been gradually expanding through time, enabling new means to ca
y out activities in many areas of the globe, most notably the commercial sphere. Information technologies are being launched left, right, and center to help in the organizing and analysis of data, thus paper bookkeeping is a thing of the past. This provides a slew of advantages, including improved decision-making models due to simpler and faster data processing, easier data storage for future referencing, efficiency, and, lastly, overall corporate productivity due to process streamlining.
The Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club features a number of distinct information systems, each with its own function. Payroll systems, human resource management systems, property management systems, and accounting systems are just a few examples (Oloo, 2022). Despite their differences, they are interoperable to maintain the seamless operation of the resort's business processes, ensuring productivity and efficiency in service delivery.
Porter’s 5 Forces
The Porter Five Forces model is significantly influenced by classical microeconomics. In the instance of Windsor, the following five forces define the industry structure of the organisation (Ngunjiri, 2021):
1. Danger of replacement products and services - If the threat of substitute products and services is strong, Windsor Club must either continue to spend in R&D or risk losing market share to disruptors.
2. Danger of new entrants - If new entrants are a significant threat, incumbent players will be ready to accept lower earnings in order to mitigate the threats.
3. Rivalry among cu
ent players — When competition is fierce, established players like Windsor Club find it difficult to make long-term profits.
4. Bargaining power of buyers of Windsor Club - When buyers have significant bargaining power, they tend to push down prices, restricting the Windsor Club's ability to produce sustainable profits.
5. Bargaining power of suppliers of Windsor Club - If suppliers have great bargaining power, they can obtain a higher price from the Windsor Club.
The information systems are supported by a number of physical devices and are housed on a number of servers to provide data protection and remote access for all employees with approved credentials. In addition, each member of staff has a desktop computer on which they may log in for authorization. If the server is able to verify the supplied credentials, they will be granted access to the stored data, which they may change in any way to provide useful data for decision-making. The workstations are connected to the servers through Ethernet cables, as well as wireless access to the server resources and the internet via access points (King’ori, 2021).
Every information system has custom software built by third-party organizations to meet the needs of various business functions. The software has a gateway via which users may access the system they need. The server, on the other hand, is loaded with the system in order to generate a remote desktop for the user to work on, and then save the updated modifications to be used again or by another user in the future.
The data input by system users and the user data are the two main types of system data. Users will submit data to the system from their workstations, which will be kept in a database. Prior to gaining access to the system, though. Users will be required to submit log-on information, such as username and password, which the server will verify using stored user information, which is often entered by IT personnel who operate as administrators to grant access to other employees. All of this information will be stored on the servers until it is changed by a user and put to use for various business purposes.
Computerized Business Process
Windsor's corporate processes may now be fully automated thanks to the tools in place. Information about a customer is gathered and stored on a smartcard, which the customer will use to identify themselves at different point-of-sale stations as well as to gain access to their lodging amenities. In addition, the technologies have totally automated the accounting process, allowing the accounting staff to access all financial data with a single click of a button rather than having to walk through many ledger books for the same activity. The client, on the other hand, may pay for services without using cash, which simplifies the accounting procedure. The human resource management system, in conjunction with the payroll system, is in charge of dealing with employee concerns such as wage and salary distribution. Finally, the property management system...

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