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Assessment topic The purpose of Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 is to evaluate your ability to write a report about the potential for, or improvements in, the use of digital enterprise / e-business in...

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Assessment topic

The purpose of Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 is to evaluate your ability to write a report

about the potential for, or improvements in, the use of digital enterprise / e-business in an


If you are unsure about your current workplace as being suitable OR if you have never worked,

then get in touch with your tutor before the end of Week 1 and discuss this requirement. Use

your knowledge about the organisation and your new knowledge about digital enterprise / ebusiness to write a report to your manager evaluating the use of digital enterprise / e-business

in the organisation.

Part A of the report (Assessment 2) focuses on understanding the organisation and its

business environment and the use of digital business in the industry. Part B of the report

(Assessment 3) focuses on examining the organisation’s use of digital business, exploring

digital enterprise / digital business improvement and enhancement opportunities, and

providing suggestions/recommendations for implementation.

Assessment 2

Assessment 2 – Part A of Digital Enterprise Improvement & Enhancement Report

Length: 1,500 words

Weighting: 30%

In your Part A of the report the following issues should be addressed:

• Critically discuss your organisation and its business environments. That means answering

questions such as: What is the organisation’s core business? What are your organisation’s

aims and strategic objectives? What industry does it operate in? Who are the main players

in the industry and their strengths and weaknesses? How is the competition in the

marketplace? What is the position of your organisation in the industry? How large is its

market? How many people work in the organisation? What are your organisation’s

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Any additional information you feel is


• Critically discuss the current state of play of digital enterprise / e-business in the industry

sector of your organisation and the use of digital enterprise / e-business in the industry by

looking at such perspectives as best practices, emerging trends, and future directions. Do

some research on the Internet; search newspapers, look at trade magazines; contact the

relevant industry association; look at websites of your organisation’s competitors; talk to


Your report should contain:

• Cover sheet

• A title page

• Table of Contents

• Critical discussion (using appropriate headings)

• Reference list (or list of sources of information or bibliography)

• Appendices (if relevant).

Marking criteria for Assignment 2

Category Specific criteria


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Dilpreet answered on Jul 27 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Background of Woolworths    3
Aim, Objective and Strategies of Woolworths    3
Competitors of Woolworths    5
SWOT Analysis of Woolworths    5
Strengths    5
Weaknesses    6
Opportunities    6
Threats    6
ent State of Play of Digital Enterprise/ e-business    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
With increasing competition in the market, it has become essential for business organisations to come up with plans and strategies that can help them reach a wider market to grab the attention of a number of potential customers. Use of digital business particularly in the retail industry has been providing a number of opportunities to supermarket chains in Australia to use advanced technologies like mobile computing and data analytics to interact effectively and efficiently with a large number of sellers and buyers. The digital transformation the organisations have been focusing upon is making it easy for these supermarket chains to communicate with their customers and understand their needs and preferences like never before. The customer relationship management-system associated with digital business has been providing these supermarket chains with an opportunity to build strong customer relations. Through this report, we shall discuss about the business environment and cu
ent state of e-business or digital business in the Australian supermarket chain Woolworths.
Background of Woolworths
Woolworths is the largest supermarket chain in Australia and has 995 stores that are functional all across Australia. This supermarket chain specialises in groceries like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, packaged foods and many more such essentials. Apart from groceries, this chain has been able to fulfil other needs of the customers by providing them a wide variety of health and beauty products, household products, pet care products and other products like stationary, DVDs and magazines. The industry, in which Woolworths is operational, is the retail industry. Since its establishment in the year 1924, Woolworths has been growing endlessly and has managed to build a strong team of 115,000 employees working in different locations (Woolworths, 2020). Presence of Woolworths could be felt almost everywhere in Australia.
Aim, Objective and Strategies of Woolworths
The aim of Woolworths is to put itself at the top place across all the
ands in the Australian supermarket industry. The objective of this supermarket giant is to become a purpose-led organisation (Woolworths, 2020). The organisation aims at providing its customers, its team members, its stakeholders and the society with a better overall experience. The primary objective of this chain is to create better experiences for the future. The cu
ent business strategies are based on three
oader categories as mentioned below:
· Lean operating model that has the capability to leverage the core platforms
· Creating differentiation across all the operations of the business
· Building capabilities that helps to connect in the nearing future
The first strategy further focuses on providing better experiences to the customers and focuses on exceptional customer care along with building simpler and safer stores. In order to create differentiation to fulfil the goals of the second...

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