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Assessment item 3: ( Report )Trends and Challenges of IHRM for MNCsDue date: 9th October 2017 (Monday), via turnitin by 12 midnite. Word doc. onlyLength: 2500 words (+/-10%) (only from introduction to...

Assessment item 3: ( Report )Trends and Challenges of IHRM for MNCsDue date: 9th October 2017 (Monday), via turnitin by 12 midnite. Word doc. onlyLength: 2500 words (+/-10%) (only from introduction to conclusion included in word count)
TaskTask Assume that you work in a multinational corporation (MNC). As the Head of HR you have been given the task to prepare a Business Report to critically review and evaluate the current trends and challenges affecting HRM internationally.
You have to critically analyse how these challenges impact on the future HRM practices for your MNC.
In answering this question you will need to:Identify three key trends and challenges for international HRM (e.g. technology, education, mobility, health and safety,etc.).Analyse how these three trends and challenges impact upon, and affect the HRM practices for an MNC.Support your discussion with at least 12 academic references.

Business Report FormatCover Page (student name, Id, report title, lecturer name, and word count)
Executive Summary
Table of content with page number
Introduction (10-15% of word limit):General Theory of topic selectedWhat the essay will be about and the three trends selected
Main Body (70-80% of word limit): What the essay is about. Journey itself providing detailed explanations by signposts.You have to use headings and sub-headings for each section.About XXXXXXXXXXwords for each trends and impactFor each Trends/Challenges you mustfirst describe the trendsfollowed by critical reviews from multiple perspective about the trends at international contextthan look critically at the impact of that trend on some HR practices in your MNC/ about 1-2 HR practices will be sufficient (eg: Talent Management and retention, Training & Development, Career Management, Performance Management, etc.)You must also look at the general cultural similarities and differences when evaluating the impact of the trends on the HR practices as mentioned in your marking rubric.end it by providing your own arguments/critical evaluation about the trend and its impact on HR practiceEnsure you have supported with clear in-text citation and aligned it with reference list

Conclusion and recommendations (10-15% of word limit):What essay has been about retrospectively: Reflect on the essence of the journey and summarize clearly all the key point’s discussedBased on the impact of the trends/challenges, what will be some of your recommendations as the HR Manger to manage it.
Reference ListMinimum 12 academic sources listed using APA6 format
**Note (very important):Marking is strictly based on the rubric as provided in the subject outline. Kindly read and apply it.
Please submit on the DRAFT link first on turnitin to check for similarity because if it’s on the FINAL link and you have similarity above 25% we been asked to report the case for plagiarism investigation.
There will be a 10% strict penalty of marks for each day late. Being a 50% assessments, that is equal to 5 marks deduction for each day late
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