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Anorexia and Obesity - Two sides to one story

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Anorexia and Obesity - Two sides to one story
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Sunabh answered on Aug 14 2021
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Running Head: EATING DISORDERS        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Obesity and Anorexia nervosa    3
Anorexia and Obesity are Distinct yet Similar Disorders    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
Eating issues can be considered as a neglected aspect of society until they emerge as disorders. Obesity as well as Anorexia nervosa is two of the major eating disorders, which leads to drastic changes within physical appearances of an individual. However, the actual cause of these disorders might be distinct yet, both of these are physically as well as mentally detrimental to the individuals suffering from the. Therefore, ‘this paper would present obesity and anorexia, two distinct yet similar eating disorders, as two sides of the same story’.
Obesity and Anorexia nervosa
Simon et al. (2020) presented that it would be essential to consider that the actual cause of obesity and anorexia is highly distinct. This is majorly because Anorexia nervosa is considered as a mental disorder characterized by extremely low body weight of the individuals. Likewise, individuals visualize fat on their body despite of having none leading to severe calorie restriction. In other words, anorexia can also be presented as obsessive fear of gaining weight and despite of having no fat on the body, individuals refuse to eat or maintain normal body weight. Health effects of anorexia include low blood pressure, low heart rate, anemia, weak muscles and bones, bowel problems, hair fall, hormonal imbalance and much more.
Obesity on the other hand, Yi, Yuan, Gilbert, Siegel and Cline (2017) suggested that it could be genetic or due to binge eating habits. It can also be presented as a weight disorder where...

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