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A marketing distribution company which operates 82 vans, and is involved in the distribution and delivery of consumer products, has recently had a spate of vehicle road accidents. During the last...

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A marketing distribution company which operates 82 vans, and is involved in the distribution and delivery of consumer products, has recently had a spate of vehicle road accidents. During the last three months, five drivers have died and fifteen have received injuries, out of which four are in critical condition. An investigation has revealed that H & S policies, particularly those related to driving and transportation are unclear. Safe operating procedures were not defined, and communicated to the drivers. Vehicles are not being maintained properly, some had defective brakes and lights, worn out tires, and even regular servicing was not being done on time. In most cases, the vehicles are overloaded. Driver timings exceed the allowable hours permitted per week. Drivers had not received any H & S training before being deputed on the vehicles. Communication and reporting of accidents was delayed, and timely assistance which could have saved lives was late in reaching the accident sites due to poor coordination and lack of timely information.
Imagine you have been hired as the new H & S Manager by the company.
1. Explain the steps that you will take to develop, document and communicate the H & S policies for the company's Transport Department.
2. Describe how you will work with the HR department of the company to determine the training needs of drivers, their training objectives, how you will plan and design the training program, decide on the training methods, and evaluate the training.
While doing the assignment, focus on the business and the company, applying the concepts studied in the course. Do not write a general answer. This is an individual assignment and should be uploaded in a Word or PDF file

please write for those above 2 questions according to the scenarioand you can take help from the attached powerslide
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Question. Explain the steps that you will take to develop, document, and
communicate the H & S policies for the company's transport department.
A health and safety programme is a well-defined plan of action aimed at preventing workplace
injuries and illnesses. Occupational health and safety legislation requires most marketing and
distribution organisations to have some sort of programme in place. At a bare minimum, a
health and safety programme must include the components mandated by health and safety
The fundamental components of an H & S programme are discussed in this document. Consult
your jurisdiction's health and safety authorities for specific regulations on this situation. Other H
& S Answers documents have further information about these elements.
Because each company is different, a programme designed for one may not necessarily meet
the needs of another. Always personalise your health and safety programme to your company's
individual requirements and demands.
An organization's occupational health and safety policy is a statement of basic principles and
oad regulations that guide activities. Senior (or top) management must commit to strictly
following the policy. The organization's health and safety policy should be given the same
weight as its other policies.
Despite the fact that the policy statement should be
ief, it should contain the following
The commitment of management to guaranteeing employee safety and health, as well as
preventing injuries and illnesses,
● The program's aims
● The company's attitude toward health and safety
● Who is accountable for health and safety programs?
● General responsibilities apply to all managers and staff.
● That no one's health or safety should be jeopardised for the sake of convenience.
● This kind of carelessness with health and safety duties will not be tolerated.
The following should be the policy:
● Simply stated
● The President or Chief Executive Officer in charge at the time signed it.
● Maintaining an up-to-date state.
● Every employee had been notified.
● All work activities were observed.
An example of a policy statement for occupational health and safety is as follows:
To monitor the quality and adequacy of workplace practices, accountability systems should be
established, which should include the following:
● The policy statement includes accountability; job descriptions include health and safety
esponsibilities and performance objectives; procedures are in place to ensure that
health and safety performance is considered during performance appraisals and salary
eviews; health and safety programs are reviewed on a regular basis; regular reporting
equirements are built into programme elements, and heal, and safety programs
programs on a regular basis.
● A key component of a successful policy is ensuring that all employees understand it. If
the workplace's implementation approach is sound, employees will be reminded during
their everyday activities, safety meetings, and orientation and training.
● It's possible that employees' job descriptions include a duty to follow the company's
health and safety policy. Each new employee may be given a copy of the policy and
informed that adherence to it is a requirement of employment.
● Holding frequent safety meetings, putting signs up, publishing articles about the policy in
corporate publications, posting it on the internal website, sending e-mails, and citing it in
job manuals, among other approaches, can highlight the workplace's commitment to the
● Without a doubt, each organisation will have its own technique of notifying employees.
The most important thing is to make a plan and stick to it.

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