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1. Locate each document and attach a template the memo; a. Statement of claim. b. Notice of intention to defend c. Defence and counter claim d. Reply 2. Analyse the purpose of each document 3. Locate...

1.    Locate each document and attach a template the memo;
a.    Statement of claim.
b.    Notice of intention to defend
c.    Defence and counter claim
d.    Reply

2.    Analyse the purpose of each document

3.    Locate the appropriate rule from your state civil procedure rules relative to the document and determine what information is required for each form.

4.    Explain the time limit requirements involved in the document creation and the serving of each document under your state’s various civil procedure rules. Determine whether our client has the ability to start proceedings, or in other words, we are still within the statute of limitation time frame.

5.    Provide an analysis of whether you believe there is sufficient evidence to start proceedings and determine what further information we need from the client. Provide the Solicitor with at least five (5) questions we must ask the client to gain more information.

Oct 07, 2019

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